Foresight Health Solutions

Predict, promote and preserve health through AI-driven analytic foresight

What we do - Shaping the future of healthcare services and outcomes

We are integrating and cleansing data from diverse and often non-traditional sources, including, claims, EMRs, care management, social, environmental and economic data.

Our proprietary models predict health risks, costs, adverse outcomes and health disparities with industry-leading accuracy.

Our data-driven processes identify the most effective actions and interventions to improve outcomes, risk, cost, and disparities.

We continuously refine our models with analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, combined with human validation.

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Our Mission - Empower healthcare workers through data analytics

Our powerful machine learning and AI methods uncover a wealth of insights from traditional and non-traditional data sources.

These prescriptive analytic solutions identify actions or interventions that will reduce risks and associated costs, while considering the available resources to provide services.

Software solutions for data aggregation, cleansing, and visualization of healthcare data

Software solutions for revenue and healthcare contract optimization.

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Our Services

Healthcare solutions, tailored to provide value for your business.

Concierge Solutions

We join your team to provide the most appropriate solution and to iteratively refine the process from data collection to viewing insights and foresights.

Enterprise Software as a Service

Our services integrate seamlessly with your Enterprise solution and can be accessed with a REST API.

Natural Language Processing

Automatically analyze Electronic Medical Record (EMR/EHR) data for supplemental or contradictory information in structured and codified data.

Real-Time Analysis

Fresh insights available at your fingertips, when and where you need them.

Artificial Intelligence

Data modeling and prediction for risk analysis and care improvements, provided by a collaboration of machine power and human oversight.

Deep Analytics

Deep data analysis with a variety of techniques and algorithms.

Get insights and foresights for your health care business today.

Find out more about how our solutions can reduce health care insurance costs, and improve long-term care outcomes. Judge for yourself the work and results we’ve achieved for other clients, and meet our highly experienced team.

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